Discover the hidden leaks in your funnel & plug them fast

No more guesswork! No more pouring money into Facebook ads or time into organic promotion, only to see lacklustre results at best from your funnel.

I've helped hundreds of people make millions from their funnels, and what I know to be true is that just a couple of small tweaks can make a huge difference to the performance of your funnel!

Uncover the critical metrics that reveal where your funnel is underperforming...

In just minutes, you can input a few key numbers from your sales funnel and get a crystal-clear analysis of where the problems lie.

This powerful worksheet will show you:

  • Your overall funnel conversion rate and how it stacks up to industry benchmarks

  • Where your biggest "drop-off" points are - the steps where you're losing the most leads

  • How your lead magnet, sales page, checkout process, and other funnel elements are performing

  • Concrete, actionable steps you can take to shore up those leaks and start converting more of your hard-earned leads

This Funnel Audit calculator will give you the clarity and confidence you need to optimize your funnel and start turning more leads into paying customers.

Hi, My name is Jayne!

As an expert in online marketing, sales funnel optimization and Facebook Ads with over 13 years experience, I understand the frustration of pouring your heart into crafting the perfect offer, only to be met with deafening silence from your target audience. 

The truth is, most funnels are riddled with hidden leaks that silently bleed away your hard-earned leads and sales.

But the solution isn't to scrap your entire funnel and start over.

What you need is a simple, strategic way to identify those leaks and plug them, fast. That's exactly what this free Funnel Audit Calculator was designed to do.


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